Thursday, September 15, 2005

Do You Miss New Orleans?

If you do, take heart from the words of Gov. Kathleen Blanco. Dismissing suggestions that the location of New Orleans is too precarious for a modern city, she responded in strong terms on Wednesday: "To anyone who even suggests that this great city should not be rebuilt, hear this and hear it well: We will rebuild."

Increasingly, it appears the city will get a financial boost from architectural and preservation groups. The National Trust for Historic Preservation announced Thursday that it was starting a fund to pay for preservation-minded repairs. The aim is to raise $1 million. The Getty Foundation got the ball rolling with a $100,000 contribution. See

Meanwhile, S. Frederick Starr, a New Orleans resident and architecture chronicler, has started a separate effort called the Fund for New Orleans, with Washington, D.C. investment banker Paul Schott Stevens. Contact them via


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