Monday, October 24, 2005

The Dark Side of Vancouver

As a follow-up to an earlier post about Vancouver's urban success, I'd like to offer a dissenting voice from Vancouver's official curmudgeon and architecture critic, Trevor Boddy. Boddy tends to blather a bit, so for those with short attention spans, skip to paragraph 14 in his Seattle Times article.

Basically, the column is about about the danger having a residential housing boom without a corresponding increase in jobs. This is a conversation Philadelphia may be having soon, although with two office towers in the making - the Cira Centre and the Comcast Tower - Philadelphia can at least claim to be setting aside space for business.

My view is that jobs follow people. Once people make the choice to live in Philadelphia, it won't be long before they start setting up businesses that allow them to work close to home.


Blogger mattinphila said...

The developers of the office buildings in Conshohocken have always used the argument that their buildings will fill up with tenants because the owners of those prospective tenants (or their CEOs) "live up the hill" - aka Gladwyne. So hopefully that translates to Center City.

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