Monday, February 20, 2006

The Iconic Building Debate

What would happen if a great grid city like Philadelphia opened its streets to the iconic architecture of a Frank Gehry or a Santiago Calatrava? Charles Jencks, architect and author of "The Iconic Building," has some strong opinions about that. Hear him speak tonight at the University of Pennsylvania's Meyerson Hall, 34th and Walnut Streets. The free talk begins at 6:30 pm in the basement auditorium.


Blogger Gabriella said...

Will someone please pass his comments about the humanity of Philadelphia's architecture under someone's nose around and make SOMEBODY take notice of what we do have. I have nothing against change and development, but some of what is changing in the City's skyline isn't necessarily for the better. Especially if the current overdevelopment does not take into account the scale of all else it touches!

2:02 PM  

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