Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How 'Bout Those Lights

In case you missed ABC's camera pans of the Philadelphia skyline during Monday night's unfortunate Eagles game, check out these great photos of the artful lighting of the Cira Centre on PhillySkyline by B. Love. The Cira's LEDs put other recent lighting projects in the city to shame.


Blogger amusing said...

I love the Cira center; it manages to look ancient, otherworldly and contemporary all at the same time. And they seem to be having great fun with different lighting plays.

So delighted to discover your blog. I detest the Inquirer and your column is the only reason I ever buy it (or grab it off a seat on the train). You are now on my "favorites" list and I will check in regularly!

12:40 AM  
Blogger Li'l Mudge said...

I have to say that I couldn't disagree with you more Inga. Although the LEDs on the Cira Centre might be better than some of the recent lighting projects in the city - that's not saying much. Boathouse Row has set a horrible precedent for lighting in Philadelphia for years.

Lighting up this jewel-like skyscraper like a Roxborough rowhome at Christmas time doesn't do it justice and looks completely amateur when compared to what's being done with other significant buildings around the world (have you seen the Swiss Re building or the Eiffel Tower at night recently?).

What this lighting has done is take a building that positively glows and intrigues by day and turns it into a novelty by night. For me, the lighting on the Cira Centre keeps Philly in a second tier of architecture and design, when it had a chance to stand up and show that it's truly world-class.

And don't even get me started on the catwalk to 30th St. Station...

6:56 PM  

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