Friday, June 16, 2006

The Rittenhouse Club Facade Stands!

Good news about the facade of the Rittenhouse Club. The Center City Residents Association reports today that the developer and engineers have found a way to stabilize the facade during construction of Ten Rittenhouse, the L-shaped condo tower designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects at the corner of Walnut and 18th Streets. Because of foundation problems, they thought they might have to take down the structure block-by-block during construction and rebuild it later. This news should provide a measure of reassurance to those who believe the developer intends to pull a fast one, and eliminate the club facade from the design. Why would he? Without the Rittenhouse Club facade, Stern's design would be just another rote, red slab.


Blogger bryan said...

Does anyone know what will become of the 18th street street level facades at the new rittenhouse tower project? Were there similar restrictions about keeping the individualized storefronts/replacing them with some thing interesting? Will it be a giant blank wall? Parking garage entrance? What will I see when I am waiting for my Pad Thai?

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