Monday, September 26, 2005

Redevelopment Authority drives business out of Philadelphia

The James J. Clearkin construction company, whose battles with Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority were chronicled in my July 15 Changing Skyline column, have finally accepted defeat according to the Daily News.

The 45-person firm is leaving its Juniata Park neighborhood for Cheltenham, even though Clearkin is one company that would much rather be in Philadelphia.

Naturally, the Daily News wanted to get RDA Chairman John Dougherty to comment about the loss of this 87-year-old Philadelphia business, but he refused to return their calls - as is often his practice with journalists.

Dougherty, whose other job is running the electrical workers union, plans to run to for mayor. You can bet voters are going to ask why he helped run a tax-paying business out of town. It won't be so easy then for Candidate Dougherty to avoid answering questions.


Blogger David said...

Good to see you're blogging, Inga. I will read often.

And thanks for putting up this info on the Clearkins.

Why is it that mechanics of Philadelphia government is alwas so upsetting? Is every B- grade city run this way?

8:20 AM  

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